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Anecdotes 09 | A Bag of Medicine

A Bag of Medicine -
It was a week before my flight to Dubai, and as I was packing up my stuff, I can never forget the feeling of finally going somewhere new to start fresh and escape the hell I was in. I felt excited about what's ahead, but I also felt fear of not knowing what awaits me. I remember you looking at me as I sorted out my clothes and skincare products, trying to decide which ones should stay inside the bag and which ones should be taken out. You gave me a bag full of medicine of different kinds - medicine for headaches, for tummy aches, for cough and colds, for my asthma, for diarrhea (just in case), and the like. I just realized how frightening it must have been for you to send your eldest daughter off to a place of uncertainty.

Ma, I felt your care in that bag of medicine. I felt your love when you and papa sent me off to the airport. I felt your support when you didn't stop me from leaving even when you didn't fully know the reason why I suddenly decided to go abroad.

I love you, ma, and I will always treasure you and all the things that you've taught me. I'll be home soon. xx


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