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Thought of the Day: Instagram and the Memories it holds

Madinat Jumeirah Dubai
Sometimes I find myself scrolling down my Instagram feed until I reach my first post and then I'd look at all the photos from bottom to top. I look at them and I am taken back to the time when those photos were taken. It was like traveling through time. I relive the moments when I had red hair, when I was singing on stage, when I I was having the time of my life with my best friends. I get to read things I've long forgotten and I get to see how much I liked drawing and arts and being good at it. I get to look at how I used to dress, at how I loved experimenting with my looks and style. I uploaded photos to share them to the world and at the same time, preserve the feeling when that photo was captured.

Instagram used to be a hub for sharing memories, now it serves as a portfolio for people looking to show-off the lives they have. Measuring a photo's worth through the number of likes and comments it gets. I fell down this rabbit hole once but keeping up with it was exhausting. Ever since I realized this, I told myself not to be pressured at how my feed looks like and just post whatever photo I liked to share. It was a hard habit to break but slowly, I was relieved off the obsession of trying to make my feed look "perfect".

I love looking at my old photos. It's a kaleidoscope of what my life has been and I hope to fill up my account still with more memories for as long as Instagram allows me to.


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