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Thoughts You Have on Red Days

Periods. Who loves getting them? Because I know I don't. But do we, girls, have any choice? Nope.

I began compiling the thoughts I had when I was having a hard time through this time of the month and I'm sure I am not alone in this. Enjoy reading my mind...

It's that time of the month again and this is what's happening in my mind...

Oh god, not again.

Oh good, it does not hurt that much.

I'm queen!


So wrong.

So, so wrong.

I'm gonna die.

This is unpleasant.

Please take this away.

This is the end of me.

This is unearthly.

Chips, I want chips. Where are the chips?

Why is this happening to me? I mean, whyyy


Why was I not born a boy?

Is this the real life...

...or is this just fantasy?

I hate this life

I can't.

I really can't.

I just...can't.


Oh my goodness, kill me now.

Shut up

Stop talking to me.

Everybody stop talking.

Shut up

Go away. Everybody, just go away.

You, yes I mean you.

Get your face away from me.

No, don't look at me, I'm ugly.

*unintelligible noises*



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