Now, I want to show you another place we've visited in Vigan. The Pagburnayan Pottery Making. We had tons of fun being in this place because we got to experience how to make pots. The place does not have any entrance fees whatsoever but you could donate any amount, it's up to you. A resident greeted us when we entered the premises and he showed us around. He then demonstrated how to make a simple earthen jar and afterwards, it was our turn!

The root word "burnay" is an earthenware jar crafted by a potter's hand with the aid of a potter's wheel. We experienced pottery making with our bare hands and it was for free!

We each had our turns and it was very fun! They say pottery making is therapeutic and your finished products will reflect on your mood. Our pots turned out to be okay even if it was our first time and we really enjoyed it. 

The pottery accepts orders and you can also buy what you have made. We didn't, though, because the finished products won't be out until 10 days later because they have to let it dry first and then cook it. We just left ours at the pottery to be added on their abstract section.

We left Pagburnayan after an hour and were off to our next destination. Stay tuned for more of my Byaheng Ilocos series! Ciao!