Whenever I have my week off, I need to travel several hours first before hitting home. I live in the north (wow, it sounds as if I live in the Game of Thrones world, haha!) but I work way south so it is pretty far away. I hop on a bus early in the morning and begin the long journey home. Now, in this very lengthy travel time, I tend to get bored. I have already done this kind of traveling for four times now and I still cannot get the hang of it. So, on those times, I came up with these 12 things to do to pass the time.

If you don't have any issues in staying awake when aboard a moving vehicle, I suggest you sight see and observe your surroundings. Look at the scenery you pass by, at the different people who are busy in their own lives, of the animals lounging about, at the clouds resting upon the sky. There are endless visuals you can watch outside your window, all you have to do is sweep aside that curtain. The greens will refresh your eyes and when the sun is harsh, you can always take out the gorgeous sunglasses you brought with you.

Take photographs
A new scenery is always refreshing to the eye. When I travel by land, I always pass by the scenery of lush valleys, mountains, and flatlands. I am always amazed by the unfazed natural forests of Mindanao so I sometimes take pictures of them even though they were so random. When I travel with my boyfriend, we take selfies a lot, too, so I think that should be included in this category, haha!

Watch a movie
When riding a bus, I always choose to be on an air-conditioned one, the one with a television and if possible, a toilet. I like to have an option of watching a movie to pass the time. Some buses have a really good selection of DVDs, I'd be really happy if they had the Marvel movies or the Harry Potter series. When I'm watching movies, I barely notice time so it will seem that I was just traveling for a short time. Or sometimes, when I have been crazy about a certain series, I'd save some episodes on my tablet ahead of time so that I could watch that instead.

Listen to music
If watching does not interest me or I suddenly felt dizzy and nauseous, I choose to listen to music I have on my phone. I try to build up a playlist before I travel so that I wouldn't have to choose songs when they are already playing. I enjoy different kinds of music and it really comforts me, especially when I get to listen to meaningful songs.

Snack on
Eat something when traveling. It doesn't matter if you eat heavy or light as long as you can fill your tummy with a little something. And don't forget your water! I used to avoid drinking fluids when traveling for a long period of time so I can prevent myself from peeing. But that just made me dehydrated and weak. And that is why I always choose to ride in a bus with the toilet so that I can go pee whenever I need to.

Play games in your phone
Before traveling, make sure that your phones, powerbanks, and other gadgets are fully charged. Nothing sucks more than having a low-battery phone while stuck in a long-hour journey, NOTHING.

Read a book or something
I have a kindle, and I always bring it with me. Every time I travel for long hours, I always seek comfort in reading. This is a great way to pass the time and I'm just glad a portable e-book reader was invented. I stack it up with books that I am likely to read. One time, I finished one book in one trip, I think I was reading Miss Peregrine's School for Peculiar Children. That was a good one.

Talk with your seatmate
The last time I went home, I was accompanied by my boyfriend. Having a companion made the journey easier because I had someone to talk to and to laugh and eat with. I, personally, do not talk with strangers but I just had a thought. Wouldn't it be nice to have a good talk with someone you don't know even for just that moment to lose track of time? In a fairy tale world, this scenario would've been romantic, but I doubt it would be in the real world.

Go online when there is service

I like to be updated with what's going on online so whenever there is service, I usually go online to check on my social media accounts. I go to Twitter and update my status on where I am at the moment, then I browse my Instagram and I also open my Facebook. I confess, I am an internet addict and I cannot imagine how I will do if I will not be able to go online for even just a day.

Think and ponder
This is the perfect time to think about things, both heavy and light. I always tend to ponder on things whenever I am alone. It clears my mind and gives me peace. I think about how I did in the past, I'd get all nostalgic and reminiscent. I think about the present and how I am doing now that I'm not in school anymore and that I'm employed and fully independent. I have really gotten what I planned to achieve in this time of year but am I happy? Am I contented? And then, I think about the future. About what I will be doing this time for the next 5 years. Will I still be working in my field, or will I have a different career path? What places will I have travel in that span of time? I like thinking, it makes me look beyond time.

When all else fails, sleep. If you feel dizzy and nauseated, sleep will subdue it. Sleep will give your eyes rest and will recharge you. One time, I took a trip home and just slept all the way. It wasn't a very long journey then, haha! 

Prep and freshen up
When I am almost arriving, I always do my best to freshen up. I always bring wet wipes with me, so I use that to wipe dirt from my face. I fix my hair and try my best to look alive after hours of exhausting land travel.

And so those were my suggestions for things to do when stuck in a 12-hour (or longer) land trip! I enjoyed listing down these things that I myself do, so I hope that if you were looking for suggestions, this post would help.

What other things do you do when stuck on long-hour travels? Let me know in the comments section below! Ciao! :D

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