So last night I had a brainstorming session to plan out what posts my blog should contain for this month of July. I was listening to Coldplay's The Scientist as I retrieved the blog journal, planner, and different colored pens from my bag, it was raining and it was cold. I sat down on my bed and began to think. I read what I have written previously on the pages of my journal and tried to decide what my first post on this month should be. I thought about it and failed to make a decision because it seems that the right side of my brain was all dried out. I needed something refreshing, something that could stimulate my brain to think of a post worthy of people's time reading it. I racked and racked my brain but it seems to be dazed. Was my mind in "blogger's block" mode? Or was I just lacking inspiration?

I was well motivated but I couldn't shake out the feeling of being uninspired. What's next for The Random Bibliophile? What topics should I write about and feature next? I still cannot decide until now. So, instead of thinking too much I thought, why not post something about this dilemma I'm having?

Question #1: What do I do when I am feeling uninspired? I desperately find one.

Question #2: How do I do that? I go over to some sites to pick up ideas, sometimes I do little exercises to loosen up the tension and to clear my mind, other times I just sleep. Sometimes, you need to sleep on something before you make a solid decision about it just to be really sure if that's what you really want.

So for this blog post, after a long introduction (again), I am going to share with you guys where I get inspiration when I'm lacking one. I usually go here to read other people's thoughts and words.

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Bloglovin' is a reader which updates using RSS Feeds. It is an easy way to follow blogs and get notified when they upload a new post. As long as you have an account here, you can follow ANY blog or website regardless on what platform they are on and even if the owner of that blog doesn't have a Bloglovin' account.

I currently follow 145 blogs. I enjoy reading about travel, food, lifestyle and personal musings. I have mentioned my current fave blogs on my previous post and with Bloglovin', I am always updated with them. I scroll about the site and find some post I could do on my own site and so far, I've listed two topics. I am still working on how to make them my own so probably I won't be posting about them in the next weeks or so.

Another social media site I go to when I need major inspiration is Pinterest. I love Pinterest and I just got to know it better two weeks ago when I read about how to utilize it (I forgot what blog it was). There are literally millions of pinnable inspiration in the site and all you have to do is take note of what topic you want to do about. Easy as pie, as they all say...but still hard when you're torn and in doubt.

I read about StumbleUpon in a Facebook Group I joined in to promote my blog. I didn't know what it was until then. I tinkered with it for a while but I still found it not user-friendly BUT it shows you different posts on different sites on a specific topic you would like. I sometimes go to this site but not always. Still, this one is worth the try when you are that desperate for an inspiration like me.

Facebook Groups

I joined a group on Facebook two weeks ago that helps out other bloggers to improve their websites and social media following. I was amazed that there are hundreds of group dedicated for this purpose! I was happy to be accepted in one and it really helped my blog and social media traffic grow. These groups help uninspired bloggers because you can interact and ask advice to fellow bloggers that are within the group. I like how interactive it gets and how they really help you out as much as they can. It's a community that boosts your confidence because they give you constructive criticisms.

Books and Magazines

When all else fails, having a tangible reading material can give you a lot of help. Reading magazines have been a habit of mine since freshmen year in college. I have a lot of these materials because I was then a collector of Candy Mag - a local teen magazine that is until now, one of my favorites. It's nice to sometimes look away from our laptop and smartphone screens and just enjoy finding inspiration in books and magazines.

And those are my list of to-go actions when I'm dried out of inspiration. Are these tips helpful? I hope they are. :) What do you do when you seem to be lacking in inspiration? Where do you go to get some? Tell me your thoughts on the comments section below. :D

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