Overthinking is my forte - at least that's what my boyfriend tells me. We'd always have these conversations whenever I fuss over things a lot. I'm not great at "going with the flow" because I am such a worrier. I just seem to be the happy-go-lucky type to my friends because that's what I make it look like, and sometimes it gets hard.

I am someone who tends to overthink things every freakin' time. I overthink the decisions I make, I overthink about the future, I overthink about what will happen next if I do this or if I do that, I even overthink what to wear and where to eat sometimes. I am an absolute overthinker who tries to worry about all the possible outcomes of the choices I make, even though it seems they're as shallow af. I know sometimes thinking things through can give you a lot more perspective about it and it gives you a clearer picture but sometimes, it just gets really stressful that it's not worth it anymore and that's when I realize how this trait does me more bad than good.

Here are a few reasons why I think overthinking sucks and why you and I need to stop doing it (if possible):

1. Thinking too hard about something takes too much time.
2. It wastes your brain's energy.
3. It traps you in your head.
4. It burdens you.
5. It gives you doubt.
6. It will affect your mood.
7. It keeps you from really living.
8. It creates unwanted anxiety.
9. It stresses you out.
10. It loses your focus because your train of thought will be sooo long.
11. It makes you lose your mind! (sometimes)

So yeah, these are all the things I can think of that makes overthinking suck. I know there's a lot more but for now, this is it. I will update this list when I can think of more things to add.

After reading (if you really did, haha), are you then more like me? Or are you the kind of person who just wings it? How do you cope up from hard decision-making? How do you deal with life when it gives you lemons? Do you sulk in the corner? Or do you make lemonade? Let's talk in the comments section below. 😃