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Starting Out Slow

Read about the start of a love story that has been through a lot since 2014...

"We got to know each other very well before committing exclusivity."

Jethro and I started seeing each other three years ago but we weren't official until after three months. I was single that time, for almost a year, and I wasn't really looking for a relationship until I knew I was completely ready to dive in again.

I remember back then that Jethro used to call me by a nickname he had fished out from one of our classmates. We were 5th year university students, down to our last engineering year when he started showing motives after a conference we attended in Davao City. He began sending me text messages and we'd have non-stop conversations. He started taking me home from school after classes and then the rest was history.

Although him pursuing me only took months, our relationship wasn't pressured by time. It took its course. We got to know each other very well before committing exclusivity. The courting wasn't anything traditional like you would expect. I did not hide my feelings for him, nor did he for he was as open as the sky. The comfortability we felt with each other came naturally and even though we were still openly dating, there was a mutual understanding between two souls that were brought together at the right place and time.

It was the beginning of a love that wasn't built up on tales of drama. It was a beginning of a journey I only once dreamt up taking. Our story may be boring, but at least it isn't pretentious. Our story may be lacking on the "kilig" department but it is definitely one of a kind. I am truly blessed and grateful to have found this kind of love. ❤️


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