The beginning of June wasn't easy. All Swifties were heartbroken when 15-month-long couple Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris officially called it off. The breakup was clean and it seemed like the ex-couple were in good terms and decided to remain friends. It wasn't until last week that photos of Taylor and Tom Hiddleston (who played Loki in Thor) kissing went viral over the internet. And then another news broke about Calvin unfollowing Taylor on social medias and both deleting all their photos together on their accounts.

People were enraged, both swifties and non-swifties alike. I, personally, was shocked by the turn of events. I just woke up and when I checked my Twitter, this news came up at me out of nowhere. It was a bad day for all Swifties who was hoping for Caylor to make up and find out two weeks later that they will never, ever get back together.

A lot of hate were thrown that day. Negativity steamed up all over the internet - on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram, on different blogging sites...the list just goes on. I was sick of all the people throwing foul words at her and I didn't really want to be part of it. I didn't like what Taylor did, but I don't really have the right to question and judge her decision, and neither does anybody else.

I have admired Taylor Swift ever since I was in high school. When her song (Love Story) went out, I loved it instantly and got to know her more. From then on, I became a loyal fan and now that she has transitioned from a country artist into a pop star, I embraced the change and loved her even more.

The thing about TS is that she's very down to earth. She has an amazing relationship with her fans and she gives out to charity. She has a soft spot for kids with cancer and other diseases and goes miles to help them. She has a very kind and loving heart that really makes her adorable. Another great thing about her is her talent for music. I am just in awe how she can accurately put her feelings into songs. I am more of a lyrics person and TS songs are very much lyrical. I could go on and on about all the things I love about her but I'm just gonna stop here.

My dad is partly the cause why I am so into her. He was very encouraging with me loving her music because he, too, is a fan! He used to buy me CDs and DVDs of her songs and concerts, and posters of her, and magazines with her as the cover. We "fangirl" about her when I let him watch her music videos and award shows. Watching and listening to her music are one of our bonding moments up till now.

I admired her perseverance on battling life. She was being bullied when she was a kid because she was "different" and I really can see where she was coming from. I loved how she didn't succumb to the negativity and chose to walk the high road. She is my role model, but only in this aspect of life.

Taylor Swift was never one to be in a lasting relationship. Her longest up-to-date was with Adam Wiles aka Calvin Harris and I thought they were going to be together forever, or at least for a long time. But apparently, nothing is forever, and so last June 2, the couple announced they broke up. I was devastated by the news and was heartbroken. I thought after all this time TS would have found what she was looking for in a man. They had been together for a year and for TS, that's a really long time! Swifties cried that day, I'm sure of it.

I nursed my broken heart and accepted what happened but then, after just 2 freakin' weeks, this news broke out and everything I believed in fell apart. Kidding, I'm just being overdramatic. Okay, here's the truth. My first thought was: Oh my god, I can't believe this. I don't know what to say, I don't know what to feel but one thing that I was sure of was that I was mad at Taylor for her lack of respect to Calvin and on her vulgarity. TWO WEEKS? Couldn't she just have waited for at least a month before dating another guy? Was the last 15 months with Calvin a joke to her? Was it that easy to move on??? My mind was racing and I didn't know what to think about next when I started to read what other people think about her. Twitter and Facebook was a jungle that day. People said a lot of bad things about her, even my friends. I was torn on what side to choose, the positive or the negative.

Then I realized something after a few days have passed. It wasn't my right to judge her decision, she didn't need mine or anyone's opinion. I realized that maybe it was her moving on mechanism. Maybe it was what she thought was best to do, maybe it was what she had to do to forget her past relationship.

We criticize women for bouncing from one man to another in just a number of weeks but we turn a blind eye if men do it in less. CH dated TS 10 days after he split up with his ex-girlfriend but we didn't hear this many criticism towards him, but when TS did it in 2 weeks, we drowned over all the crap people threw at her. Why? It's gender bias at its finest, people. It's not fair to be exact. I am not giving her this reason to excuse her behavior, but it's just wrong for people to be so judgemental.

To end this very long post on a high note, I just want to say that nevertheless of what Taylor does with her love life, it is none of anyone's business to butt in. Let her live her life and let us concentrate on living ours. She doesn't give us a hard time, so why do we feel that we have to with hers? In the end, even if she seems to be perfect, truth is nobody really is. We just have to accept everything. I will still be one of her avid fans but I will choose to see her positive side. I will not be judging what she does with her personal life. 😉