Books have always been a part of my life since time immemorial. When I was a kid, I cannot recall a time when there were no books at home. Every corner is filled with them. My dad is a wide reader and I think I got my "reader genes" from him. There were assortment of books in our house - bundles of National Geographic magazines, Tom Clancy pocket books, Tracy Chevalier, John Grisham and other hardbound books, couple of reader's digests, school books, cookbooks, children's storybooks, and even children's encyclopedias. Our house manifested a home of intellect and learning.

Back in grade school, when my mom and dad would take us to the city to shop and stroll, I always, always request them to bring me to National Bookstore. I always end up spending my whole day in there just feasting my eyes on books and making the store my personal library while they go to other shops in the mall. I never tire going around from one bookshelf to another. The place was heaven to me, I even love the school supplies and stationery section so much. When it was time to go home, I always have at least two books in my hand and I don't get out of the store until those were paid for, haha. I was already obsessed with books when I was still little and that obsession grew with me until today.

I was 12 years old when I read my first novel - Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier. It was a heavy read and back then, it didn't made much impression to me because I still lacked the needed comprehension. I was trying hard, I pushed myself to read an adult book when I wasn't ready yet. I had to read it again when I finished high school to really get the message. And then there was The Firm by John Grisham that I really enjoyed a lot. It was that book that made me a Grisham fan right after.

Judy Blume's Just As Long As We're Together was the first novel I bought for myself and I instantly FELL IN LOVE. I fell in love with the book, I fell in love with Blume, I fell in love with books entirely. After that, I started collecting middle grade books, a lot were Judy Blume's, I went crazy with Animorphs too, and then there were other children's books I bought and went crazy reading. In high school, I was known as the girl who reads. I was even dubbed a bibliophile in our yearbook and that was when I officially embraced being one.

Many would wonder if I have read the more hyped books but as crazy as it sounds, I haven't. My love for books stretched as far as the money I have saved. I don't ask much from my parents because I felt buying too much from what I need is an extravagance we can't afford. And so I buy books from Book Sales and other book bargain shops and these quenched my thirst for reading.

In my sophomore year in college, I was given the best gift every bookworm would want to have - a kindle. It was loaded with books and I immediately got started. That was the time I read The Hunger Games Trilogy and I was absolutely trapped inside the world of Katniss Everdeen. I can never compare my obsession with THG with any other books I've read. It was an obsession I didn't get over for years, and until today I still find my self slowly creeping out of Panem.

Through the years I've discovered more genres I enjoy reading, more books - both old and new, series and stand-alones - I'd like to read and my TBR list just grows longer and longer. I'm a voracious reader but there are times that I undergo "reading slumps", too. I'm prone to being lazy sometimes and just being caught up with life. But I always recover from those slumps in a matter of days or weeks. I can never go on a month without reading.

Books are my haven and I have always sought comfort in them. My taste may change over time, but one thing is for sure and that is I will always be a reader. Okay, I'll stop here, haha!

Are you a reader? Do you like books too? If you are, please recommend books for me to read. 😊

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