I have greeted the start of summer well when Jethro and I decided to have a mini vacation on Camiguin Island. This trip is memorable because this is the first trip I got to have with him unsupervised. Just the two of us, traveling and exploring this island for three wonderful days.

First up on my Camiguin Series is the Mantigue Island. Jethro's uncle lives here and we borrowed a motorcycle to go places. Jethro was familiar with the island because he has been here a couple of times so he knows how to get anywhere. We drove to the port going to Mantigue Island and rented a boat there. We also paid for the environmental fee and we opted to snorkel so we paid a fee for that and rented snorkeling gears as well. The boat ride was about 10-15 minutes (I'm not sure but it wasn't very long). 

I was beyond excited when we were on our way there because I have waited a month for this trip to happen. And when it was happening, I was just overwhelmed with joy! I took a lot of photos and just savored every moment I was on the island even though the sun was striking hot.

The island is pristine with its healthy flora sanctuary and white coral sand beach, I was just mesmerized by its beauty. The waters are so clear, you could see the corals from above. It was just superb.

The highlight of our trip to Mantigue was the snorkeling experience. I have never seen so many fishes in my life! Even Dory was there, and Nemo too! Lots and lots of Dory and Nemo, I suppose that was their family, haha! We spent an hour and a half swimming and looking out for beautiful sea creatures. It was there that I got my super tan, the sun was just out of control! Haha. The only downside on this trip is that we didn't have a waterproof or underwater camera to document the whole experience, huhu. Nonetheless, it was a trip I will never, ever, forget.

We vowed to come back here in the future and, rest assured when that time comes, I will surely have a waterproof camera in hand. 😄

Leaving the docks

Seeing Camiguin in Mantigue Island

The obligatory photo op :D

Deep within the jungle

There were a lot of flora species in the island's mini forest, Tarzan could be living here with all these vines, hehe.

Another obligatory photo op :D

On the way to the main island for lunch, Mantigue was amazing!

See those corals? I'm telling you, the water is crystal clear!
Note: Visitors are allowed to bring food and cook in the island, free of charge. Overnight stay, though, is not allowed. Curfew on the island is 1700 hours.

**List of Costs:
Boat to Mantigue Island: PHP 550 (4 hours stay max, additional PHP 50 per hour after)
Environmental Fee: PHP 20 per head
Snorkeling Fee: PHP 50 per head
Snorkel Rental: PHP 150 per gear
Tables: PHP 50-100
Shed Rental: PHP 150