I have been blogging for about 6 to 7 years now, give or take, and it was in Tumblr that I have found my home. It's always a scary thing to start something new and going back to zero has got my heart beating up to a hundred bps (lol jk).

The reason why I decided to move is because I wanted more. I want to grow more as a blogger, I want to be taken more seriously, I want to be more sophisticated, to have more features to use. I want to start fresh and improve myself in writing.  I have been thinking about this since I returned blogging early this year and I think I am ready now.

Tumblr is a good platform for newcomers and beginners, and being there for over 6 years already makes me feel like I'm missing out. I admit, I felt really behind after a year of hiatus and I found out that the bloggers I used to love and follow have already either deactivated, moved to a new platform or turned into re-blog blogs. I was hit by the sudden realization that I have truly missed a lot. I made an account on wordpress.com and started tinkering and familiarizing its many features but I was lost. I was so used to Tumblr's user-friendly css that I cannot grasp everything Wordpress had to offer.

So I came to blogspot. I've had this blogger account before I embraced Tumblr and just this morning, I thought about starting anew with this one. I've had difficulty erasing my previous posts because there was just so much memory on them. I didn't want to forget who I was 6 years ago, I always want to go back and read how I wrote my feelings out. And so what I did was I created another blog profile and imported all those memories there leaving this one good as new.

I will surely miss tumblr, but that doesn't mean I'd forget about it. I may link up my posts here to keep that one updated, but yes, this will be my main blog starting today. 

I'm looking forward to have a lovely blogging life here and to find new friends! Cheers for a new start!