The Blogger

Renee Alexis Taladua, 25, is a licensed metallurgical engineer who has left the field in search of a more fulfilling work lifestyle. She has a great love for books and new adventures. Her Goodreads profile suggests that her taste in books vary over time, depending on her mood and her current life situation. 

As an aspiring writer and traveler, Renee hopes to visit every corner of the Philippines and then eventually, every country of the world! She is an internet addict who cannot live without her laptop and/or phone. In her free time, you can either find her lounging in bed reading a book or watching a movie/kdrama or updating her social media. 

Renee is an Advocate (INFJ-T). She is an ambivert who enjoys the company of her closest friends and family. She is a romantic and is a little bit OC; she is a lover of books, coffee, and now, Korean skincare products. She's really friendly even though she seems to be standoffish. She's very awkward and seems to have weird habits and tastes but she hopes you'd enjoy her adventures enough to follow her through this journey called life. 

The Blog

The Random Bibliophile was founded several years ago. It was originally published on but having decided that she wants to "up her blogging game", Renee moved to Blogspot on May 11, 2016.

Renee originally calls her little corner of the internet as "Living in Random Thoughts" as she is constantly a very random person, but as the years went by, she grew to love talking about the books she has read and even made reviews about them. That was when The Random Bibliophile was born - a combination of a very random life with one thing that is constant, and that is being a lover of books. ❤

This blog is an outlet for her creativity and her thousands of random thoughts running around inside her pretty little head. It is a means to vent out her frustrations and deepest feelings, a little corner of the cyberspace she could call her own. 

In this little haven, you will read about the beauty products she has tried, the places she has gone to, her food adventures, her thoughts about the most random of things, the books she has/will read, and life updates. She refuses to settle down on a specific niche so she will blog about anything her pretty little mind can think of.

This blog is open for collaborations and business proposals. Contact here.

Enjoy the blog!

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