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Anecdotes 08 | 1st Jan 2018

Renee Alexis in Dubai Miracle Garden

I woke up late today. It's a new year and I just turned 24. I was home and my family was complete. We celebrated the new year last night and my birthday as well. You came to my house today, bringing a Carbonara that you were so proud of because you made it all by yourself. You greeted my parents the way you always used to and I just can't help but feel so blessed because they loved you the same way I did. When everyone retreated inside and the two of us were left alone at the balcony, you moved closer to me and asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I could've kissed you that moment. But I just looked at you and said nothing because my heart was full and contented having all of my loved ones around me. x


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Renee Alexis Taladua, 26, is a licensed metallurgical engineer who has left the field in search of a more fulfilling work lifestyle. She has a great love for books and new adventures. Her Goodreads profile suggests that her taste in books vary over time, depending on her mood and her current life situation.