Guys, it isn't every day that you and your partner get to celebrate this number of months of being together. Two and a half years has gone already? Wow, time does fly so fast! So, just for today, allow me to be mushy and cheesy and lovey-dovey for the next 3 minutes, okay? You can leave anytime you want when you cannot bear to read a word any longer in this love letter of mine. Haha!

Two and a half years ago, I agreed to date you exclusively. And now, 30 months later of being together through ups and downs, we've managed to keep the embers glowing. I cannot believe someone would choose to stay and still stand beside me after all those countless times of me being crazy and plainly abnormal when PMS-ing. You were always there even if I didn't want you to be, you were always so patient and kind with me and you rarely get mad. You have been the one constant in my everyday life and you have changed me for the better. For that babe, I am truly thankful.

We've been through so much together already and I pray we have many more years to come. Although some things have changed now that we have a long distance relationship, you didn't let it get between us. You have been my pillar every time I break down, you have been my run-to every time I fall. Thank you for always being there for me. I know that even though I don't say it that much, you know that I love you. You know me so well already, I think you know me even better than myself! Many, many thanks for everything...

Happy 30th month, babe! We have survived the tides this long, let's continue to persevere until the day we'll say "I do". OHMYGOD, did I just say that? 😂 But seriously, though. 😄❤️